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For ISWPL, its greatest resource is its employees! The Company constantly strives to invest in their development and professional growth, which in turn creates a congenial work environment. Of the firm belief that the work-force is the soul of an organization, ISWP with its employee-centric work culture hires capable individuals and takes the necessary steps to retain them. Acknowledging the significance of people in the company's success and growth, ISWPL encourages the employees to learn and lead, innovate and grow.
ISWPL has adopted some structured policies and facilities, which are designed to maintain and promote employee welfare. Moreover, these policies and systems are periodically revised to keep abreast of the emerging trends across the industry. This procedure also ensures a transparency and uniformity, balanced work-life, empowerment and career growth opportunity.

Culture & Values

It has been a long journey for ISWPL, from being incepted in the year 1920 to the present time. Intrinsic to the Company is its cultural heritage, apparent in its commitment to the TATA culture and values. ISWPL propagates the qualities of leadership with trust. It strives to create, nourish and maintain a work environment conducive to the growth of the company and its work-force. The four pillars of its value system are:

R – Respect for Individual
I – Integrity
C – Credibility
E – Excellence

As part of the Tata Group, ISWPL functions within the frame-work of its value system, ethical environment, social responsibility and SHE (Safety, Health and Environment). The Company thrives on the principle of transparency, with the senior management setting an example by “Walking the Talk”. Several initiatives have been designed to achieve an open-ended channel of communication, such as, “Sampark” wherein the employees can meet and talk to the Managing Director on a one-to-one basis.

A fair and just organisation, ISWPL provides equal opportunities to all its employees and qualified applicants. A special initiative “UDAAN” has been introduced to help the women employee in realising their potential and enhancing their performance.

Innovation is the key to success! The ability to continuously grow has stood ISWPL in good stead. The Company has its own unique definition of innovation, described as - “Can we do it Cheaper, Better and Faster”. It strongly believes that new and varied perspectives help generate more innovative ideas and systems and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing processes. This culture of innovation is complemented with a frame-work of Suggestion and Reward & Recognition schemes.

Learning and Career Development

‘Learning & Development’ at ISWPL, is not merely an instrument for competency enhancement but also a tool for creating the desired work-culture.

ISWPL, as a policy, encourages continuous learning at all levels. It is of the opinion that sustained growth of a company is directly proportionate to the growth of its existing employee pool, as well as a regular renewal of talent. The Company leverages all its resources towards ensuring that its employees benefit from its well-directed training policies and systems. ISWP has successfully maintained a balance between its vision and business goals.

The work culture at ISWPL is conducive to the growth of the Company and its employees and a true balance may be seen by way of motivation and challenges!