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Rod Mill

ISWPL-WRM is a subsidiary unit of TATA Steel Ltd. and is one of the oldest plants in India. It was established in 1935.The Mill has a capacity to produce 220000 MT of Finished Goods per annum. ISWP Rodmill is the only mill in India which produces 6mm Fe 500D TMT Rebars. With help of M/S Shloemann AG, Germany its roughing and intermediate section was modernized in 1960 whereas in 1988-89 Danieli Morgardshammar ‘No Twist Mill block ‘ was installed. ISWP Rodmill has capacity of rolling smaller section (5.5 mm to 10 mm) wire rods as well as TMT Rebars in coil form. Moreover, there are straightening units also to convert these TMT coils into straight form based on the customer requirement.

Plant Facilities:

Billet Yard   Billet Yard: Storage and handling of Raw material from TATA Steel of different grade (Mild Steel, TMT) is done here, having capacity of approximately 24000 billets.
Billet Yard   Furnace: Pusher type oil fired furnace is of ‘OFAG’ make. The throughput capacity of furnace is 35MT/hr and its maximum holding capacity at a time is 96 billets.
Billet Yard   Mill Stand (Roughing and Intermediate): This section consists of 15 stands. Stand 1 to 9 is called roughing mill having CI Rolls. Stand 10 to 15 is called intermediate mill having CI , HSS and Tungsten Carbide rolls. This section has two high horizontal stands (Make-Schloemann AG, Germany) used for initial reduction & shaping of the hot metal by rolling process.
Billet Yard   No Twist Mill block (NTM): There are 2 individual stands & one complete ‘No twist mill block ‘which has alternate arrangement of vertical and horizontal stands. Tungsten Carbide rolls are used in No Twist Mill to get better pass life. (Make- Danieli Morgardshammar).
Billet Yard   Coil Handling Area: Sund Birsta designed coil handling area is basically used to collect the finished product in coil form. It has mandrel unit, chain conveyors, vertical compactors, upender & capstan units. The roller table length is 70 mtrs.
Billet Yard   Shipping and Dispatch: Shipping area is used for storage & segregation of the finished product. It has capacity of 10000 coils to accommodate at a time.
Billet Yard   Quality Assurance: This area supports in maintaining quality of the product by inspecting each and every product as per specification and requirement.
Billet Yard   TMT Straightening Plant: ISWP-WRM has straightening plants, basically used for converting TMT coils into straight bundles of 12 mtr prime length. The 3 plants having joint capacity of producing 15000 MT per month.