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Corporate Social Responsibility

1. Vision

Upholding the spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility, ISWP follows the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet and Profit) approach. It continuously strives to boost the existing value system in the society and community, justifying its role as a Socially Responsible Corporate.

2. Objective

ISWP has formulated a CSR policy that has as its objectives:

a. To improve the quality of life of the communities it serves through creating long term value for all its stakeholders.

b. To ascertain increased commitment levels within the organisation for operating its business in an economical, social & environmental-friendly manner, and at the same time, acknowledging the interests of its stakeholders.

c. To introduce initiatives that ensure equal footing for the socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the society; the scheduled caste and tribes.

3. Approach

The CSR Policy of the Company revolves around;

  • Impact, where well-defined KPIs measures the impact on target groups.

  • Partnerships that ISWP enters into with only like-minded organisations that function on similar principles as the Tata Group. The collaboration is aimed at leveraging the resources, expertise and multiplying the Company’s CSR initiatives.

  • Affirmative action undertaken by the Company is aimed at improving the quality of life of the scheduled castes and tribes. It also promotes ethnicity to preserve the cultural fabric of these communities.

  • Volunteerism, where the Company creates opportunities for its employees to engage in social and welfare activities, benefitting the community and business at large.

  • The Company insists upon a two-way communication process, to ensure that the stake-holders aspirations, satisfaction and feedback are mapped. ISWP also stresses on overcoming the short-falls through continuous improvement initiatives.

  • The Company continuously strives to achieve Innovation through developing solutions, encompassing technology, model for sourcing, partnering and delivery initiatives.

A CSR committee has also been formed to carry out the social responsibility objectives within, as well as outside the organisation.

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