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Promotion of Education


ISWP through its CSR initiatives proposes to bring education to the door of all and sundry, especially the deprived fractions of society. The Company has undertaken several projects towards the spread of education and infrastructural development of schools.

The Company has started a pre-primary school for the lesser privileged, which is managed by DISHA Ladies Club (Officer’s wives). This has created an educational opportunity for children of the neighbouring areas. ISWP has furthered made arrangements for these children to get admission into mainstream educational institutions through scholarship schemes. As a part of the ‘Two-Way Learning Process', Adult Literacy programme is also conducted in the same school.

‘RAAH’, another project under the flagship of ISWP is aimed at facilitating opportunities for bright students to seek their ambitions. This pioneering project provides hostel facilities to under-privileged students so that they may prepare for higher education.

These endeavours are intended to help children and young adults to realize the potential of their dreams and also provide them with a tool for a better tomorrow.