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Strong, capable and reliable supply chain partners are critical as we source raw material and other consumables for our products. It is the responsibility of our ‘Procurement’ function to evolve sourcing strategies that are aligned to our vision, manage a competitive supply base and inbound logistics apart from handling sourcing, supplier relationship management and setting up of inbound logistics network.

To maintain a highly capable and competitive supply base, focus is on:


·         Partnering best-in-class suppliers.

·         Conducting rigorous evaluation and improving supplier performance - measured on Quality, Cost, Delivery and Safety.

·         Deciding share of business on the basis of performance.

·         The Supplier management process involves engaging suppliers and exchanging real time information with the suppliers.


To be a supplier of ISWPL, feel free to contact at the below mentioned contact:


The Indian Steel & Wire Products Ltd.

PO- Indranagar, Jamshedpur – 831008.



Supplier Opportunity

Want to be a supplier of ISWPL?

·         You may call directly on our phone lines mentioned below. You will be directed to the functional expert for further processing.

·         Following this, you are required to fill our supplier registration questionnaire.

·         On meeting the minimum criteria of ISWPL, based on the information through supplier registration questionnaire, a Supplier Evaluation Audit (SEA) will be conducted by our audit team at your end to judge your capabilities.

·         On the basis of the assessment done in the audit, you will be inducted into ISWPL Supplier’s List and a unique supplier code will be granted to you.


Once the supplier code is created for you, the development activity will start from the RFQ stage.