1. ISWPL has been placed in the 500-550 score band of the CII HR Excellence Assessment and has been awarded "Significant Achievement in HR Excellence." This is a band jump from the previous 450-500 score band.

2. On the celebration of 'Golden Jubilee Year' of "The Indian Institute of Welding", ISWPL became the "Technical partner" in the National Welding Seminar , 2016 held at Kolkata.

3. In the 2016 National Welding Seminar, to promote health and safety in welding, ISWPL has announced award for the best research paper on 'Health and Safety in Welding".

4. July 2016 is celebrated as Ethics Month at ISWPL. During this month events like Ethics Quiz, Ethics Awareness, Ethics Slogan competition, Poster competition and Skit competition is conducted for all employees, contractor employees and other stakeholders. The month is inaugurated with flag hoisting and Ethics pledge to resolve that we as part of Tata Group shall abide by TCOC guidelines in all sphere of works.

5. ISWPL makes its 1st ever export of Welding Electrodes and launches " Spark Steel E6012" in Bangladesh in June'16'.